Saturday, June 02, 2007

Some cool new software!

I had to purchase the Food Processor Nutrition and Fitness Softward by Esha Research for my classes I am taking. It is the coolest!

I can put in what I eat on a daily basis - or my child eats - and get a print out of what nutrition we are getting - and then I can play with it and see if I changed one thing or another how that effects it. I can also search for products and find their nutritional breakdown - and they have practically every product ever made in there.

One of the things I'm having the most fun with is entering in my own recipes and finding out the nutrtional content, calories, fat, etc.

This is going to be so valuable to use when I start doing this for a living.

I can actually print out nutrition labels for the homemade jam and jelly that I make to give away now.

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