Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vacations and staying GFCF

When we go on vacation we rent a condo with a full kitchen instead of just staying in a hotel room. It costs more, but we don't go out to eat at all. It is also nice to have the extra room to spread out in. Our favorite vacation spot is Wisconsin Dells and I'm pretty sure you are not going to find a lot of gfcf foods there - so we pack everything from home - we drive so taking extra ice chests is not a problem. If I were flying somewhere I would enquire ahead of time if there is anywhere to buy gfcf foods. If not - I would see if I could fed ex a package to the resort with staples in it.

Planning ahead when site seeing makes the day go smoother. I always pack candy and lots of water with us when we go out. I also pack fruit and healthy snacks, but Andy will see candy and want it and it will be full of red 40, high fructose corn syrup and other things I don't want him to have. By packing my own organic candy I can let him be a kid and not put things in his body that I don't want there. If you don't plan ahead you will find yourself making bad choices.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kathy!
thanks for reminds me of the vacation we just got home from: Instead of staying at a hotel we were hosted by another HSing family. Before getting there I explained that, not because of her cooking - because of our combined diets, we would be purchasing and preparing our own food. At the end of our stay she said that we were the GREATEST family she had ever hosted in her home! For the times we did eat out - we visited ONLY the local Wellspring Cafe`s (the deli/restaurant inside of all Whole Foods stores). Of course it did help that we vacationed in South Florida where there were 6 of them in Broward county alone.
So, if you can foresee that staying in a hotel will be a financial strain, than I can suggest maybe having a local HSing family host your family. My $.75 worth. :-))