Friday, November 16, 2007

Florida's Natural Brand Au'some Fruit Stiks

I just love it when products are labeled gluten free - it means that I only have to search the ingredients for dairy. I also love it that my son has learned how to read "gluten free". I took him shopping with me this past week, which I rarely do, and as we were passing the fruit snack section he pointed these out to me - saying "Look, Mom! Gluten Free" - well since my kid is so far behind in reading I just had to reward that and buy them. And they contain no artificial colors or flavors and none of that evil high fructose corn syrup that I try so hard to avoid.


Anonymous said...

For those of us just jumping off the GFCF cliff (picture frantic Mom of 4 clinging to the top edge of a 100 foot dropoff by the fingernails I've now chewed to the quick!) are these snacks also CF? If so, I'll try to order some online - no chance of finding them way out here in the boondocks!

Kathi said...

Yes, they are CF.