Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mock Goldfish Cracker Mix

Miss Robens used to offer a Mock Goldfish Cracker Mix. It was really good - very close to tasting like the real thing. I made it a few times but it was too much work for me (I was still working full-time at the time) and my child wasn't one of those really attatched to Goldfish crackers. I've had a lot of people asking if I knew of a gfcf goldfish cracker and I was amazed that it appeared to be gone from their website.

But, I have it on very good authority, that you can special order it from them. Because it is special order - you have to order by the case (12 mixes which are shelf stable for 1 year). A case costs $70.80 plus a special order fee. The order number is 1190, but it is not available through their website. You must call them to order. Their phone number is (800) 891-0083 or 240-329-2717 if outside the USA.

I hope that helps someone who has a child that must have his goldfish crackers.


Robin said...

I did not have as much luck with these. What cheese sustitute did you use? How did you bake them?

Kathi said...

It was a very long time ago that I made them so I don't really remember - I believe I used the galaxy foods fake parmesan cheese. I cut them out with cookie cutters and baked them on a cookie sheet but other than that I don't recall. I just remember them being good tasting but too much work.

Elizabeth said...

As much as my son loved goldfish before, he can stick to grapes for school snacks. These sound like too much work with everything else I'm suddenly doing in the kitchen LOL. I hope this gets easier and more second-nature as we continue!

Kathi said...

It does get easier I promise. Andy's 4th birthday was his first one GFCF and I was in panic mode. He is almost 8 now and as I'm planning his birthday party - the diet is almost an after thought.

Part of it is deciding what is indeed too much work - and goldfish crackers fit into that catagory for me - but I now others might not feel the same way so I was excited to be able to share with them that the mix is still available.

You will find the right rythym for your family.

Robin said...

I used "Follw Your Heart" cheddar and cut them into squares like cheezits. They were kinda like square rocks.

Don't worry Elizabeth, it really does get easier. At my son's 10 bday, one of the boys actually said, "Is this the same cake as last year, I loved that cake".