Thursday, March 06, 2008

A new name for a familar product

Wellshire Farms and Wellshire Kids products are now Garrett County at all stores except Whole Foods. Whole Foods is continuing to use the Wellshire name.

Here are what the chicken bites look like now in the new packaging. The product is the same, the name is all that has changed.


Irish said...

I'm so disappointed that these aren't available in Canada :-(

hellokittiemama said...

These are an absolute favorite for my kids. I like to order them by the 10 or 20 direct from the mfg - for a better price. The last time I ordered them they came with the new "garrett county" name on them - I panicked for a minute but then saw they were the same just diff packaging..

Unfortunately my Wegmans and a lot of my local stores that used to carry these are plain not carrying them anymore. Whole Foods does have them, which is good because my kids had missed getting them. I'll order a case again soon since the temp has dropped - I skipped ordering them most of the summer because of heat and shipping woes.