Monday, March 17, 2008

Now is the time to join a CSA for 2008

Joining a CSA is a great way to eat organically and keep costs down. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. What you do is buy a share of the harvest - and then you get a weekly box of veggies from the farm. Here are some links to find out more information and to find a CSA in your area -;; and if you live locally here in the Twin Cities, here is a link to a list of the CSA's in our area -

There are many different options to consider when joining a CSA. Last year we joined late and were limited by who still had openings - many CSA's sell out early. We had an alright experience last year but we are switching CSA's this year. This is the one we are going with this year - The reasons that Harmony Farm appeals to us are it has a longer season - 30 weeks instead of 17, (since we eat 52 weeks out of the year, I'd like to find a CSA to provide fresh organic veggies as many of those 52 weeks as possible) the list of the veggies that they grow are mostly ones that my family enjoys eating (while it was fun trying some new veggies last year - it would have been nice to have more old favorites) and they offer a monthly payment plan - where the money can be taken right out of your checking account every month.

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hellokittiemama said...

We do the Purple Dragon Co-Op - it is like the CSA where you get a giant box of veggies/fruits each week but also has CO-OP perks in that you can make special orders at discounted prices, etc. It is mostly local grown but not always - always all organic and has the advantage of being all year round. The CSA's around here have a really short(ish) season being as we were in Jersey.