Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grocery Shopping Highs and Lows

Isn't it funny the things that excite us and irritate us when we are grocery shopping? I find that is even more so now that we are GFCF than ever before.

Needless to say, I went grocery shopping today.

I was irritated last week when I saw the price of the Silk Soy Yogurt had almost doubled at the store where it is usually the lowest price - 69 cents to $1.16. So today I was at a different grocery store and I see the price has gone up there as well - from 99 cents to $1.15. Ugh. I guess all of those conterfeit coupons for Silk Soy Milk that keep circulating on ebay are costing the company money that they have to pass onto us. So unfair.

But then I went to Super Target and found that they are now carrying Ian's allergen free fish sticks - yes, SCORE! Now I don't have to travel way across the cities for them and stock up on them at $4.99 each. Super Target had them for $4.29 and I had dollar off coupons - $3.29 is still so much more than regular fish sticks cost but I was happy.


Ginger said...

My latest GFCF grocery shopping irritation is the new trend of stores to mix the GFCF items in with the rest of the store. Now if I want to run in and grab a couple of GFCF items I have to run all over the store and search through the regular items for what I'm looking for. Irritating.

Kathi said...

Hi Ginger.

I'm the opposite. My stores have always had them mixed in with the regular stuff and one of them has starting segregating them - but not quite all of them and I hate it. I miss things all the time.

I suppose it is all in what we are used to also - if mine had been segregated all along I would probably hate when they started mixing them.

I do not like change.........

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