Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cherrybrook Kitchens

Dan's birthday was this week. Since I have yet to find a plain cake recipe that I really like (I do have some good killer cake recipes on this blog, but not plain ones that my child will eat), I decided to try a mix from Cherrybrook Kitchen.

This is the mix that I used. It only makes one layer or a dozen cupcakes, so if you plan on making a layer cake you will need to buy two.

It was very easy to mix up and it didn't even need eggs so for those of you who are also egg free, here is a mix for you as well.

Here are the cupcakes as they came out of the oven. They were very dark and rich looking. I think Dan and I could have enjoyed them without frosting, but Andy insisted that we frost them - I guess you can't stick a birthday candle in one without frosting (who knew? good thing I have a 9 year old around to tell me these things!).

And here is one unfrosted closer up.

Making frosting is not difficult, but since I had a coupon I decided to try their frosting as well. The frosting was a bit too sweet for me and kind of gummy. It was fine, though, I did eat it - I didn't scrape it off, but I think next time I'll just make my own. Andy, like most kids, loved the frosting and ate the leftovers out of the canister.

I let Andy frost the cupcakes himself. Here is a pic of the finished cupcakes.

And one of the cupcakes up front.
They were very good tasting and nice and moist. I will buy the cake mix again in the future. It was a success.
Be sure and save the bottom flaps off the mixes. You can save them and redeem them for free stuff (I like Free!).


Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

Good to know that brand works well. I was really curious about the frosting.

Laura K said...

Thanks for the nice review of our cake and frosting. I am glad that you liked them. They look very yummy! --your friends at Cherrybrook

Kathi said...

Thanks for the comments. I like comments - it means someone is actually reading my blog!

I feel honored that Cherrybrook noticed my blog. Thanks!

Kelly Merchant said...

I have also tried this cake but not the frosting. The cake was good, a little on the dry side, but sufficed since I hadn't had cake in a long time. Since I didn't have the frosting, I put it with coconut milk ice die for! I have a blog about dairy free (and many gluten free as well)and a lot of products to recommend as well!

Kathi said...

I enjoy your blog Kelly. I'm glad to see that you enjoy mine as well.