Saturday, June 13, 2009


I recently wrote to Larabar telling them how much I loved their product and asking if they had any coupons. As we all know, gluten free is expensive, so I have been writing to my favorite brands asking for coupons - can't hurt to try, right?

They wrote back that they didn't have any coupons at this time, but would send me some samples. Then I got another e-mail that coupons were available. I was very happy with my 4 coupons for 50 cents off - every little bit helps.

So, imagine my surprise when a few days later a package came from them containing 4 full size bars! Happy Day! I never even told them that I write a gluten free blog - so they weren't providing the samples for a write up (although they are getting one) - so that is great customer service!

These are the bars I got free. Andy inhaled the cherry pie one before I could have a taste. We will have to take his word for it that it was great. We also got Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll and Lemon Bar. All were delicious.

There are many things besides the taste that I like about larabar. First of all, unlike soy bars, they are very moist. All flavors are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non gmo, vegan and kosher. They have no added sweeteners.

Larabars are also a good source of potassium. One thing I have learned while I have been studying nutrition is that we all get way too much sodium and not enough potassium. Sodium and potassium need to be kept in balance in our body. Potassium can help lower high blood pressure. Here is a link to a potassium fact sheet.

If you haven't added larabars to your gluten free casein free diet, I suggest you try them.


~M said...

I've really like the key lime, cherry, and apple flavors; my husband likes the cashew cookie flavor. But I've never seen the lemon flavor. If you end up writing back to Larabars, maybe you could host a giveaway contest and they could donate some bars to that cause!

In the meantime, Costco offers a combo pack of apple, cherry, and cashew cookie for less than Whole Foods. :)

Kathi said...

That is a great idea to host a give away.

I don't shop at Costco, but that information just might come in handy for another reader, so thanks for sharing that.

Kelly Merchant said...

I just realized you're in MN. Me to! Have you been to Cooqi yet? Its a bakery with gluten free/dairy free breads, pizza dough and bakery goods. I haven't been there yet but have had it recommended to me several times.

Of the Larabars, which is your favorite flavor? I have been wanting to try ginger snap.

Kathi said...

Cooqi is great. When I do go to a bakery I do tend to go to Bittersweet in Eagan more than Cooqi even though Cooqi is closer. Its just that Bittersweet was the first and she made my son's first gfcf birthday cake so it is hard to give them up. Since I quit working full time though bakeries are a real treat and not something that we do often.

I like the cinnamon roll larabar the best so far - but apple pie is darn good too.

Michele said...

I've never had a larabar, only lunabars. How do the flavors and nutrients compare? do you use them as meal replacements or snacks?

Kathi said...

There are a lot more flavors of Larabars than Luna Bars. The Larabar is moister.

I use both Larabars and Luna Bars as a snack when I'm on the run and can't stop to eat a meal.

I don't think all Luna Bars are gluten free. All Larabars are.

Michele said...

thanks for getting back to me so quickly! =)
are larabars lactose/casein-free too?

Kathi said...

Yes they are.