Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to School Time

School started yesterday, the day after labor day. Time to start packing those GFCF lunches and snacks. I do have an excel spreadsheet that I have developed that I will send to anyone who wants it. It has a rotating menu so you are not packing the same thing everyday, a shopping list, recipes and ideas for packing lunches. You will need to modify to suit your child, but it is a great starting place. I have made some changes since I started using it myself as I have found new products and my son's tastes have changed.

Andy's lunch for the first day of school. I knew it was too much food for him to eat - but he was so nervous over the first day of school that I just wanted him to be able to have choice. It included a Kidz Dream Smoothie drink, a liverwurst sandwich (he loves that stuff - I'm not sure all kids will) made on gfcf bread (Tom's bread), carrot sticks, a fruit cup and a rice bar. He brought back home the rice bar unopened and half of the sandwich.

Organic Cherry Applesauce for his morning snack at school

All ready for his first day of second grade. Even though he has a smile, his eyes are swollen from crying - he can't believe I am making him ride the bus this year (he did fine on it).

Second day lunch - The thermos contains organic french fries, Ian's fish sticks and a few green beans. The bottom tupperware container has cut up fruit and the top one has catsup for dipping his fish sticks and fries into. The pretzels are for his morning snack. And organic apple juice to drink.

The label on top of his thermos is from Mabel's Labels. It has his name and his allergies (gluten isn't an allergy, but school officials may not understand that). I have the same label on his lunch bag and on his communication notebook.


GFCF Mommy said...

We are living parallel lives! This is a really great informational post. The inside of my son's lunch box looks the same and I always send too much too, just hoping he will get enough to eat.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you please send me the excel sheet you use for GF lunches? I would love the help!
Thank you,
Aurora, CO

kim said...

I would also love to have your spreadsheet on gfcf lunches. Thanks for your help!!

Kathi said...

Kim - I need your e-mail address to send it to you. Please e-mail me at and I will be glad to send it to you.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! We have just embarked on the GFCF adventure and this is one of the most beneficial I have found! If you chance still have the spreadsheets could you send them to me?

Anonymous said...

We're just starting on this new GFCF life too -- I would LOVE to have a copy of your spreadsheets if you still have them (butrcup027[at] . I do realize it's been 3 years since your original post, so I'm not expecting, just hoping... :)

Thanks so much for your blog -- it's immensely helpful!!