Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great finds at the Dollar Store

Look what I found at the Big Dollar Store yesterday. Andy loves the Imagine Tomato Soup. I have never tried the Crispy Chicken Coating Mix - but guess what? For a dollar I will! For those of you local - they have tons of both of these products at the Big Dollar Store on Robert Street (not Dollar Tree - also on Robert). This is not the first time I have found organic and/or gluten free products at this dollar store.


ruby said...

We have both of those in our pantry right now as well! The soup is awesome on its own and in recipes, and the crispy chicken was not bad. It smelled funny while it was baking, but it tasted fine. :)

Alisa said...

Wow, those are awesome dollar store finds!

I am a big fan of Kinnikinnick and I am not even 100% gluten-free!

The mushroom soup from Imagine is pretty good (the broccoli one fell flat), but I haven't trired this one.

Carrie said...

NO WAY!!!! What an awesome find at the dollar store!! Very cool! I love kinnikinnick stuff!! I just discovered your blog! I'm enjoying it!!