Thursday, December 13, 2007

I hope you are all enjoying my failed attempts

It's not that I have that much trouble making cupcakes. It's that many of my recipes that I post here go through several revisions before they end up here looking perfect.

So many people say to me - I can't do what you do - I try and it doesn't turn out - well, guess what? Not all of mine turns out either. And it is costly to experiment - but it is also expensive to buy mixes and ready made products - and I've tried plenty of them I didn't like either.

Yesterday I made these from the recipe in Special Diets for Special Kids II (Lisa Ackerman's recipe). They are moist and wonderful and I am gobbling them up without frosting. But they will not do for a kid's birthday party - way too messy!

So I have convinced Andy that a cake is better than cupcakes and we are going with the Chocolate Zuchinni Cake that I posted a few months ago. He loved that and it was great. So no more experimenting for now.


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I threw an entire cake in the trash the other day, so I do empathize!

sandy winz said...

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Kathi said...

That site looks great - thanks for sharing. They don't have a very big selection, but they have several great products and their prices look good. I will add them to my sidebar the next time I get around to updating links - I'm old and it takes me awhile to remember how to do things on the computer sometimes!