Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fill Thermos with boiling water

I do this as the lunch is heating in the oven - I dump the water out when it is ready to fill. This helps keep the food hot longer. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

So, does this keep the food warm all the way up till lunch time?

My daughter will barely eat anything cold. She is SO unbelieveably picky. SHe likes warm things and they don't warm her food at school so I have no idea what to send other than cold sandwiches...which she is bored with.
I want to send stuff like gfcf chicken nuggets,hot dogd, etc...

Kathi said...

It doesn't keep it hot, but it will keep it warm. I tested it at home first with my picky child. I made him lunch on the weekend at the same time I normally would during the week and then we had a picnic lunch at lunch time using his thermos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks So much!