Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mott's Fruit Snacks

Made with real fruit juice. No artificial colors or flavors. And they taste good too. And you can buy them at a regular store - what a bonus! Posted by Picasa

Edited 10/6/07:

Here is the response I got from the company about their GFCF status:

Dear Kathi Fischbach:
Thank you for your interest in Brach’s and for contacting us about the gluten free status of our Brach*s Mott's™ Fruit Snacks. Please be advised that the FDA has yet to establish any standards or guidelines. Consequently, we do not consider any of our products gluten free. Thanks again for contacting us.
Yours truly,Marlene Tomasek (
Brach’s Consumer Relations

I called them and also spoke with them - my interpretation from talking to them is that because there is no standard set in the US on gluten - they don't want to classify anything as GF. They may contain trace amounts so use at your own risk. Andy has absolutely no reaction from them - but we all know that you can have no reaction and still have damage done internally - so again - use at your own risk. I think I am going to look for an alternative until I know for sure. Andy's use of fruit snacks is pretty limited to when the kids at school are having something that he can't have so he doesn't get them all that often. I prefer to feed him fruit.


Anonymous said...

I called the manufacture and they said it isn't GF.
Maybe it is GF in US I'm in Canada.

Kathi said...

I'm pretty sure that I have checked with the manufacturer in the past - but just to be safe I just sent an e-mail to the company. If it turns out not to be GF, I'll remove it - I don't want to be giving false information. I did check the ingredients on the package I have in the cupboard and it looks fine to me - but we all know that gluten hides.

Anonymous said...

Well what fruit snack have you found that is gluten free and is still free of artifical colors, preservatives & flavors.

Anonymous said...

The Froose brand is still the one to go buy. It has natural flavors but state they are gluten free. I am not sure if the have artificial colors in them. I also prefer real fruit but every once in a while i give a crappy treat. There is also fiber in the froose which is something much needed for celiac people.