Saturday, December 30, 2006

Andy's Check Ups

Andy had his annual check up this week. He is finally over 40 lbs! He weighed in at 41.4 pounds and is 47.5 inches tall. He is about 50% for height and has gone up to almost 10% for weight. We are very happy.

He continues to be pretty healthy - he hasn't been to the doctor for anything in a year - no strep, no fevers. Nothing. We continue to hold off on any booster shots and the ped was OK with that - I am so fortunate that she doesn't give us any grief over that. None of Andy's shots had mercury in them - but there are so many other things in there - I just don't know.

But he continues to have GI problems. He had a series of rashes and tummy aches in early December. I thought I had figured it out - the only new thing he had to eat was bananas - so I was pretty sure that was it. We removed them from the diet and then last week (since he is off school) we introduced them again. No rashes and no tummy aches - nothing.

I have no idea now what is going on. Is it a new food allergy? Is he getting some hidden gluten? Was he getting something not on his diet at school? He has always had dark circles under his eyes. They are lighter now than they were when he was younger - but they never really went away and because of that I am pretty sure he has some other food issues.

Anyway, he is not being monitored by a gastroenterologist and he really should be for his celiac - so we are going to start there. And then if we don't get answers then we will go to an allergist. We made an appointment for the GI for February 21. It is such a long wait always to get in to any specialist - but this is a pediatric gastro, so hopefully it will be worth the wait.

He also went to the dentist this week for a check up (get all of the appointments out of the way while school is out). He was pretty scared - he has had a lot of traumatic experiences at the dentist in the past, but luckily the dental assistant was really patient with him. He did not want to do the X-rays - he was convinced they would hurt somehow - but eventually he cooperated. And the good news is - No cavaties this time! So we do not have to go back for 6 months. By his next visit, his molars should be all the way in and they will want to seal them - so I have to do my homework on sealants and if they are OK - always something to investigate - what ever happened to being able to trust the doctors and just let them do what they needed to do? My trust in the medical system has been totally eroded.....

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