Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Successful GFCF Birthday Party

We had Andy's birthday party yesterday. He is turning 7 years old this week.

Recipe for a successful GFCF Birthday Party:
1. Hold it at a time when no one expects to be fed more than cake (1-3 pm)
2. Plan an activity like Stuff A Friend so you don't have to fill goody bags with junky candy and toys - and it keeps them busy the whole time so they don't have time to want more food.
3. Buy the cake from a gluten free bakery like the Bittersweet Bakery in Eagan, MN. It tasted so good no one knew that it was GFCF.

We held Andy's party at a local nature center. The first hour was led by a naturalist - they talked about Minnesota wildlife - went on a walk looking for wild life and then checked out some wild life in aquariums (snakes, turtles and frogs). Then we spent a half hour making stuffed animals - and then just had time to serve cake and open presents and it was time to go. Everyone had a blast and there were no meltdowns and no diet infractions.

If you are curious - Andy is in the back row in an orange shirt holding his stuffed pig.

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