Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Find at the Dollar Store Today

I found Sesmark Savory Thins Original Sesame Rice Crackers at the Big Dollar Store today - and they were 2 for a dollar! I couldn't believe it. I had just finished our last package of them and wrote them on the grocery list. I only stopped at the dollar store for bubble bath. I picked up 4 packages - probably should have gotten more at that price. They weren't broken or cracked or anything they were in great shape. I don't know if any other Big Dollar Stores have them - this was at the one on Robert Street in West Saint Paul.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that putting 'Epsom salts' in the bath is good for Autistic children as it helps them detoxify and draws sulphur or toxins out of the skin or something. Is this true?