Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Situation Resolved!

Today was a much better day. I spoke with the principal this morning and let her know how upset I was. She called me around noon to tell me that her and the teacher had discussed the situation and were very sorry. The 'friendship mix' activity has been cancelled. A note went home today with the kids explaining that one friend couldn't eat it and that didn't make it a very good frienship mix so they won't be doing it. The teacher sent a simple e-mail in reply to mine - it simply said she was sorry. Andy told me tonight that she sat with him at lunch time and told him how very sorry she was and something about there were easy and hard ways to do things and sometimes the hard things are the best kind - but he couldn't remember what else she said - I think I can fill in the blanks. I feel better now. She did talk to the class about it being cancelled and why - and Andy did report that one little boy told him at the lockers that it was all his fault - I told Andy not to worry about it. They are going to string 100 cheerios on a necklace tomorrow - and I have Perky O's (gluten free cheerios) to send in for Andy so it all works out.

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Anonymous said...

That's good. I wish my son had a supportive school. My doctor won't even support his cfgf diet and his school rarely even bother to review his IEP.