Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm taking better care of myself

I'm starting by packing lunches. I spend too much time taking care of everyone else. Many times I skip lunch or run out and get something unhealthy and eat late. This is the third week in a row that I have spent a little bit of time on Sunday making 5 salads for the week. I just put veggies in them and set them in the fridge. I boil up eggs and leave them in the fridge as well. Every morning, I peel an egg and put it in a snack bag along with some cut up lunch meat and put some salad dressing in a small tupperware container. Today I sprinkled some craisins on my salad as well. At lunch time, I transfer it all to a plate and add the egg and meat. It is so yummy, better for me and cheaper than buying out. I also have been baking bars on the weekend and wrapping 5 of them up individually and hiding them to take 1 a day with my lunch. I am still running out in the afternoon for a candy bar - but overall I am doing better - and feeling better.
As Moms, we need to learn that taking care of our families starts with taking care of ourselves.
If you are wondering what's in my salads - it's all organic. I started with baby green salad mix and added cauliflower, brocolli, colored bell peppers, baby carrots (cut up - even baby they are bigger than I like in my salad) and cucumbers. What's in there varies by week. I take a different salad dressing each day so it doesn't get boring. Today I have Kraft Organic Raspberry Vinegrette. I also vary the lunch meat.
I challenge everyone to take better care of themselves. It will pay off with more energy and a healthier you.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried rice bran oil? it has gamma-oryzanol and it might be a good fat for you to try.

Kathi said...