Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ricera Rice Yogurt

Here's a yogurt for those of you who also are avoiding soy. I just picked these up and haven't tasted them yet. I only bought these 3 - following my old rule of not buying more of one (or one of each flavor) until you know if you like it. I haven't tried it yet - after we have tried it I will come back and edit this post and give you my opinion. This is the first non-soy gfcf yogurt I've seen.

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rosemorris said...

My son has recently been put on the gfcf diet by me- mom because he is autistic and I'm trying everything I can to help. He LOVES yogurt and this is a problem for us. Rice yogurt is the only substitute I've found for yogurt, but each yogurt was $1.39 at the market....yikes that's expensive when my son eats on average 2 yogurts a day. Do you know any way to make rice yogurt or any less expensive alternatives?
Thanks for any help you can give to this new to the GFCF mom.