Thursday, March 29, 2007

A new product for those who like it hot.

The new tabasco sweet & spicy is so very good - as a marinade or a dip and it is GFCF. The ingredients are: Corn syrup, Red pepper, SugarDistilled, vinegar, Pear concentrate, Garlic, Water, Onion, TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt), Ginger, Salt, Xanthan, gum, Spice.

I cut some chicken breasts in thin strips and basted them with the Tabasco sauce and broiled them (would be good grilled too, but I'm out of gas for my grill). Then I made some wraps using these gluten free wraps and some chopped up organic lettuce. Yum Yum. I took them to work and shared them and there weren't any left.

I should mention that this is another product that I am testing free as a Bzz Agent. For more information on being a Bzz Agent:


damona said...

very cool on the tabasco sauce... my son likes spicy stuff a lot. go figure, the kid is 4 and likes hot salsa! i've got 4 boys, my oldest is adhd and sensitive to a lot of additives, including msg and food colourings. #2 is aspergers, but that kiddo can (and will!) eat anything, #3 is autistic and gfcf and nitrate-free, and #4 has wheat and dairy sensitivities! as you can imagine, it's hard to feed the troops... i found your blog awhile ago and i have tried some of the recipes and i know they turned out well, even tho i can't remember offhand which ones they were! it's 4am... i barely remember my name... i'll definitely be back to see what other goodies you come up with! thank you so much for putting this out there!

Kathi said...

My little one likes it spicy as well. This stuff is still Tabasco and hot - when I make it for home, I grill half of the chicken without any marinade and then mix it half and half for him to cut down on the heat. He loves it!

I'm glad you find my blog useful. When we signed on for motherhood, who every thought we would travel down such a crazy road finding food for our kiddos to eat?