Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Change in Kirkman's Toothpaste Gel

If any of you are using the GFCF toothpaste gel from Kirkman's you should be aware that the formula has changed. It is still GFCF - but if you have a child like I do that is resistant to change - you might want to be aware that the taste is different.

When we bought our last tube of it, Andy decided he didn't like it - but since I don't use it myself - I thought Andy was just being Andy and rejecting something that he has always liked. I bought a couple of other types of nonflouride gfcf toothpastes, but he didn't like them either. So I gave told him that he just had to use one of them - no choice and I am pretty firm about things like this.

Well, then I went to Atlanta for a conference at work and was gone for 4 nights and Dan had to help him brush his teeth. He put on quite a stubborn front for Daddy and Dan calls me at the conference all upset. Andy refused to use any toothpaste and what should he do? I told him to pick his battles - Mommy is out of town - it is not going to be the end of the world if he brushes his teeth without toothpaste one or two nights - but Dan was not going to let Andy win on this - we recently put quite a bit of money into Andy's mouth with caps (because we wouldn't do the mercury filled analgram fillings) and Dan does not want the rest of Andy's teeth to rot. They had quite a blow out - but Daddy won and Andy brushed his teeth. When I got home I found a cabinet door pulled off in the bathroom - Andy had pulled in out in his fit and thrown it at his Daddy (didn't hit him). I had quite the talk with him about that not being acceptable behavior and we have kept the cabinet door off for the time being - to remind him to behave. He has been brushing his teeth with no complaints.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a new friend in the UK (Karan) and she asked me if I had noticed any difference in the Kirkman's gel - her son with autism refuses to use it. I wrote back to her and told her that Andy had refused to use it at first but that I hadn't realized that it had changed - I thought Andy was just being Andy (bad mommy - how could I have not noticed?). I suggested that we both e-mail Kirkman's and ask them to change the formula back or make the old formula available to those of us with kids that don't like change.

Before I had a chance to send an e-mail to Kirkman's - she forwarded me her reply from them (boy they are speedy - great customer service there - even if we don't like what they conveyed).
Here is the response:
I spoke with Larry, our chemist, about the toothpast gel. Our old manufacturer has quit making the formula that you had before. We are unable to get the old formula back. The product number has changed. I was not aware that you had not had this formula before when I sent it out to you, or I would have told you about the changes. The new formula is not as sweet as the old formula. I apologize for the inconvenience. Also, we do not have any of the old products anywhere. Thank you very much. Again, I am very sorry.

So if you are currently using Kirkman's you might want to be aware when you order again. Hopefully you won't end up with a damaged bathroom like I did. Although now that we are past that I don't think I would want to go back to the old - he might have the same reaction!

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