Sunday, November 26, 2006

A GFCF Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful and tasty GFCF Thanksgiving. We sure did. This picture shows our entire meal except for the pie - everything was GFCF and tasty.


rebecca said...

Beautiful! Thanksgiving was pretty rough for us (we were at my mother-IL's house). I have vowed to not subject Gwenyth to that again and will be having T-giving at my home next year (all will be GFCF). Thanks for the recipes!

Kathi said...

Hey Rebecca,
I'm glad you are finding my blog useful. The first year we were on this diet, it was a disaster with others bringing foods that Andy cannot have. The second year we went away on vacation so we could break the cycle of hosting - no one could quite believe that I was not going to be here cooking in my kitchen on Thanksgiving. Now, we enjoy it being just the 3 of us. I would like to host again, but everytime we try hosting something, someone has to bring in something really yummy looking that is not GFCF and they just don't get how big of a deal it is.

Amy said...

I am so happy you are doing this blog with pictures and all! Thank you! (I need pictures!) Our baby and I are the only ones gfcf--for now. I am gfcf since I breastfeed. We are not celiac, but with autism spectrum and I am certain that 3 more in our home need to be gfcf. Making slow progress in that direction.
We had T-day dinner at sister-IL's and brought 2 dishes, plus packed along our food, as usual, for the extended trip. Requested ahead of time that IL's use our cf margarine & they agreed, but with misunderstanding, they used their own. Baby and I were able to have 4 items (2 that we brought for the meal). We had plenty! I am determined to have T-day dinner at our house next year and have already let my dh know. (In 12 yrs of marriage, I have never hosted this! Had been glad, too.)
It is amazing how well our other children (4, 7 and 9) guard our 18 month-old against g/c-laden or questionable foods. They even ask me, "Mom, can you have that?" But when 2 of the 3 others I am certain need to try the gfcf diet being very, very, resistant to eliminating, I cannot imagine having another Thanksgiving with g/c laden foods in front of their noses. I think once they see your pictures, they will be sold that it can be done deliciously! I am copying your recipes/advice for next year and going to try the banana cream pie and cookies this week!

Kathi said...

Thank you so much for your comments. That is why I take the time out of my busy day to do this. I just felt like I had to learn it all alone and would have loved to have something like this. The pictures are great, aren't they? I remember being at Whole Foods and looking for the Welshire Farms Chicken Nuggets and not being able to find them because I had no idea what they looked like and they were not in the section I expected them to be. When I started this back in August - the pictures were a main part of what I wanted to do so people would know what they were looking for in a store - and for the recipes, so they could see how they look.