Saturday, November 18, 2006

Soy Whip by Soyatoo

Now this was a real find at the store today - fake whipped cream that tastes good! I have tried Hip Whip and a few others in the past - but they were pretty gross. This stuff tastes pretty close to the real deal (especially if you have been gfcf for awhile). The bottom picture is an "ice cream sundae" made with Soy Dream Vanilla, home made raspberry sauce (from raspberries I grew) and Soy Whip on top. Andy ate it all gone and declared me the *best mom in the whole world* for finding this stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hi i too am looking for a casein free whip cream. Is this truly casein free or just dairy free? I would love to hear that it is casein free. My son is allergic to casein. Thanks for posting.

Kathi said...

It is definitely casein free. It is totally vegan. They also have a Rice Whip now for those avoiding soy.