Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gold N Plump Gluten Free Products

I have been avoiding most pre-marinated meats since we have gone GFCF thinking the spices may not be gluten free.

Since discovering Jennie-O has some gluten free products I decided to investigate and see if I can find some more products that might be easy for a working mom to make.

Since there are always coupons in the mail for Gold N Plump chicken products, I decided to start there.

Here is what they told me:
Gluten-Free Products include: Seasoned whole birds - Mesquite and Lemon Pepper Premium Selects Marinated breasts, tenders and strips (fresh, tray pack) Whole rotisserie products Please verify when you purchase. Any products containing gluten would list it in the ingredients.

It's not that big of a deal to mariante my own - but sometimes taking that extra step to make the marinate is just too much time. Nice to know I have more options.

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