Monday, August 14, 2006

GFCF Smoothies and Popscicles - how to make

Smoothies and Popsicles

The ones in the store have so much artificial stuff....or are super expensive. Making them from fruit juice works OK, but they can be thin and watery. This is how I make ours and they are so good, the neighborhood kids all bug Andy to ask me if they can have one also.

Every time I go shopping, I look for fresh fruit that is on sale or marked down because it is really ripe.

I take it home and wash, peel, pit and slice them.

I lay them out on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer. (This allows them to be separate and not clumped together so you can just pour out what you want)

When frozen I transfer to a large freezer bag - I mix lots of different fruits together - and I just dump the new fruit in with whatever is already in there and stir them all up.

I then use the fruit to make smoothies or popsicles -

I pour some OJ (you can use any liquid - we use OJ in our house because my rule is no added sugar) in the bottom of the blender and then pour in frozen fruit (by using frozen fruit, you don't have to add ice for smoothies/the popsicles freeze hard faster) and blend. Then either pour into a glass to enjoy as a smoothie or pour into Popsicle molds and freeze. These are very similar to the expensive real fruit bars that you buy - dh and I love these.

Just to give you an idea of fruits that freeze well - this is what is in our current freezer bag:

Avoid raspberries and things with lots of little seeds or your kids will be spitting them out.

I also use fresh fruit that doesn't freeze well (it will when mixed with the other fruits) when making the smoothies. Yesterday I added a couple of apples and I have also added fresh watermelon and cantaloupe to the mixture in the blender.

It doesn't take that long to do - the worst part is freezing the fruit, but then it is ready whenever you are.

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