Sunday, August 20, 2006

Grocery Shopping 8/20/06

As you will continue to see, I do buy most of my food from regular grocery stores. This week I shopped Super Target and Cub Foods.

From Cub I bought:
Health Valley Rice Bran Crackers
Ortega Tostada Shells
Bottled Water (I will not allow my family to drink tap water full of flouride - nor do we use the toothpaste with that poison in it)
Envirokidz Animal Cookies (Vanilla)
Envirokidz Rice Bars
Fresh Turkey Thighs
Boneless Beef Ribs
Lettuce (we eat lettuce faster than the garden can produce it this time of year)

From Super Target I bought:
Tree Ripened Peaches
Ocean Spray 100% Juice Fruit Juice
Hormel All Natural Lunch Meat
Old El Paso Vegetarian Refried Beans
Silk Cultured Soy Yogurt
Red Grapes
Dry Navy Beans

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