Sunday, August 13, 2006

I went grocery shopping today

And what did I buy? I went to Super Target and Rainbow - no speciality or health food stores today. I do not shop for just the week - I shop sales and coupons and stock up.

At Super Target I bought:
Corn Starch (some little boy used the last of mine up doing science experiments creating quick sand!) - good to keep on hand for cooking and as a thickener in gravies and sauces.
10 lbs of potatoes
Organic Baby Carrots
Wishbone French Dressing and Thousand Island (while both of these contain high fructose corn syrup which I tend to avoid, they do not contain any artificial colors - most mainstream salad dressings do)
Del Monte Fruit Cups (for his school lunches when school starts in a few weeks, they were on sale today and I had a coupon - hence the reason to buy them now)
2 lbs fresh plums
1.5 lbs apples
2 lbs fresh cherries
2 lbs organic strawberries
6 silk yogurts

At Rainbow I bought:
2 packages of Tostitos Scoops Tortilla Chips (tomatoes are coming in the garden and we need something to eat the fresh salsa with!)
2 bags of Bob's Red Mill GF Flour Mix
3 quarts of Soy Dream Ice Cream (Vanilla, Strawberry and Vanilla Fudge) - today is my birthday and I love the Vanilla Fudge so I am treating myself!
1 Family Pack of Chicken Drumsticks and 1 of Chicken Thighs. I cut the skin off and divided them up into 3 packages for future meals and froze.
4 lbs green grapes
2 cantalopes
2 lbs from the bulk containers of Brown Rice

I buy a lot of fruit and ingredients for making meals - not a lot of processed foods - but that is me and my preference - I like cooking and I have never felt that all of those chemicals are good for us. I do not buy a lot of veggies because I have a large garden and I also have a Farmer's Market near my work on Thursdays.

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