Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to remind others about the diet

We can't watch our children every minute of every day. We inform family, therapists and school personnel of our child's needs - but is that enough? What about the day that there is a substitute? Or you go to a picnic or some other social occasion where there is food.

I am blessed with a child that will not eat anything without my blessing. If something is put before him at school or daycare that he does not think he can have, he will question the person and ask if they know he is on a special diet and did his mom say it was OK to have that. Even so, my little one feels nervous when he has a substitute - that she may make him eat a snack or something that will make his tummy hurt.

I bought some buttons from Buttons and More. Item B108 says "I'm on a special diet and can only have foods brought from home" One is attached permanently to his lunch bag. He puts one on when we go to social events so others will know not to feed him. He also keeps one in his backpack and any time he has a sub, he goes and puts it on - he controls it - it is what makes him feel safe.

I realize many of you have children that are not so accepting of their diet and try and cheat and steal food. I cannot give you any advice on that - Andy has had enough infractions and is old enough to understand that they came from eating forbidden foods and does not want to ever have an infraction again. It works for us - at least for now. Every now and then Andy will complain that it is not fair, but he really is pretty accepting for the most part.

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